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5 Best Men’s Weight Loss Workouts Without Equipment

Men typically gain weight when they don’t follow a diet and feel less motivated to do exercise.

If you are one among the males with a few extra pounds, then you can lose your weight quickly with a slight tweak in your diet and also by following some of the men’s weight loss workouts.

These workouts help you to lose weight much faster and are easier to perform.

Can you lose weight at home without equipment?

While the workout is concerned, men can quickly lose weight at home without any gym membership.

These weight loss exercises are easy to perform in the comfort of your home. The most common one is the Plank.

Make sure you practice regularly, which would help you lose fat quickly and promotes the building up of lean muscles in your body.

Men’s Weight Loss Workouts without Equipment

Read below to know more about these exercises that help you lose weight.

Plank exercises

This exercise can be easily performed indoors at your home.

You will have to stay in the same position for some time to get the full benefits of this exercise.

You can perform the front plank, which is easy and similar to push up exercises.


Lie down on the ground on one side and rest on your elbow.

Make sure your legs are straight and then try to raise your body slowly using one hand.

If not, use both your hands to lift off from the ground. Perform up to 3 sets with 10 to 25 reps every day.


Chair Squat

The squat is one of the men’s weight loss workout that is easy to perform and offers good results within a short period.


Begin by sitting in a chair and hold your hands straight.

Now slowly bend the knees and bend slowly towards the floor. Make sure that your back is straight and stay in the posture for 30 seconds.

Now come back to your position and repeat after a second. You can increase the number of reps and sets as you get used to this workout.

Chair Squats

Bodyweight squat

Begin in a standing position and keep your feet wide apart.

Now lower your body slowly and try to bend your knees in the process. Slowly breathe out, and then when you are in a position like sitting in a chair, return to the original position.

You can also try jumping to come back to your first position, which is standing by jumping while rising from a squat.

Bodyweight squat

Pushups and pull-ups

These are popular calisthenics routines that are the best choice for men’s weight loss workout.

You can perform them side by side or as an alternative with each other. You can be assured of burning lots of calories within a short period.

These workouts are designed to test the endurance of your muscles.



pull ups

Jump roping and box jump

Jump roping is an essential part of stamina building workouts of boxers as hence plays a vital role among men weight loss workout.

This workout can help you improve your posture and gain a good amount of muscle endurance.

Box jumps, on the other hand, allow you to attain momentum as you will be required to jump on boxes of varying heights.

These Cardio workouts are beneficial in building stamina.

Jump roping


box jump - Men's Weight Loss Workouts


Wrap Up:

Keep these workouts at home regularly, and don’t forget to eat healthy food while doing exercise. Also, always keep yourself away from processed food or packed food and live natural and healthy lifestyle.

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