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What are Natural Living Tips to Start Living Naturally? Definitive Guide

Natural living is all about living a simple lifestyle with fewer chemicals, a toxic-free environment, and eating organic and natural foods.

It will boost your health or bring less stress to your life and help in financial savings.

We will discuss here natural living tips that are easy and simple to understand, functional, and free from toxic and harmful ingredients.

In the long run, it will bring huge benefits and values to your natural life.

However, it won’t be easy, but taking small steps once at a time can bring significant change to your lifestyle. It will help you to reduce the overall carbon footprint and also motivate you to live naturally.

The purpose of natural living is to make eco-friendly product choices and contribute to green living.

What are the basic principles of natural living?

Eat and use things that are found in nature.

We come through many of the products that are either machine made or chemical-based products. What we eat is either factory-produced or processed food.

Moreover, you can only see the difference once we reduce our reliance on processed and manufactured products. Also, we should start using products that are made by hand from natural materials.

We should also focus on eco-friendly products, and we should also prefer organic products over pesticides and preservatives.

Connect with nature and take care of the natural world

We need to focus more on how to protect our nature. Also, we should understand climate change and how it will affect our environment soon.

All we want the earth to be a better place so that our coming generation would live with peace and harmony.

How to start living naturally?

Ask yourself, how do you want to feel?

The first thing you need to do is to reevaluate yourself. It would help if you reconsidered your present condition thoroughly.

Next, you need to ask how you want to feel? How can natural living benefit you and your family?

If you aim to feel healthier every day, feel energized and strong from your body, then you are on the way to natural living.

Start slowly because it takes time.

You should know one thing that a natural and healthy lifestyle journey would be a long and difficult one. It cannot happen at once, and there is no substitute for it.

In today’s world, most of the food we are eating is processed and filled with chemicals. Also, what we are using in our household daily contains toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients.

So, to restart, we cannot throw everything out of the house and completely start over because they are stapled and convenient for us for a long time. So, it would not be easy to opt for a healthier option at once.

It would be best if you started slowly. The changes that we are going to make for a natural living are pretty long and overwhelming.

It may sound scary. But, the long-term benefits of natural living may encourage you to do so. Also, we know very well; a good thing never comes easy.

So, don’t get discouraged and overwhelmed. Start slowly because it takes time to achieve a natural and healthy living lifestyle.

Every changes count

Every small change that you make may impact your lifestyle. Don’t make any changes out of guilt because such changes don’t last. Moreover, none of the changes can be made simultaneously.

If you are new to natural living, then gradually take these steps to impact your daily life and create any inconvenience.

What are the benefits of natural living?

Natural living is living your life with what exists in nature. It should be free from artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, additives, and processing.

Living naturally would improve your health and living environments. These lifestyle changes will have a shallow impact on the planet and people.

Let see what the key benefits of natural living are

  • It will improve health resulting from eating healthier food and using chemical and toxic-free cosmetics, skincare, and toiletries.
  • A natural living will improve the living environment around us, resulting from safer and green cleaning products and less exposure to the toxin.
  • Practicing natural living will reduce environmental impact by supporting green packaging and healthier work environments.
  • It will result in financial savings by using self-made products, supporting local organizations,s and less need to purchase more products.

On a short note, living the natural lifestyle is more than just buying products labeled “organic” and “natural.”

What are natural living tips to start living naturally?

To live naturally, you need to touch and change the different aspects of your life. It will be challenging to change everything at once. So, take a small step and take some time to make changes.

Initially, try to evaluate what you needed the most and then start with that move.

We have illustrated the following steps below that are needed to change your lifestyle to natural living.

Switch to healthy and natural food

Vegetables Healthyious 2

There is a saying that “you are truly what you eat.” So, consciously try to choose the food because what you put inside is what appears in your health.

The choice of food is the first step toward your natural living journey. You need to identify the hidden chemicals and additives that are present in your food.

So, how to do such changes in your life to a more natural one.

Say goodbye to processed foods.

Whenever possible, avoid buying any processed foods like vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and beans. Also, only purchase unprocessed non-veg products like meat, chicken, and fish.

Moreover, the more processed foods are, the less nutrient is contained. Always try to focus on real foods.

Buy only organic, if possible.

Organic food organic naturallivingtips 1

Non-organic foods may contain harmful chemicals and pesticides, which may disrupt your endocrine system in the long run. Also, you can check the EWG pesticide guide for more detailed information that may help you resolve most of the problems.

Give preference to the local store.

The local store contains more fresh foods than any other stores that are hundred of miles away.

Give preference to the farmer’s market.

Market farm local store NaturalLivingTips 1

Buying foods directly from the farmer’s market can create a massive difference. According to the National Farmer’s Market Directory, there is more than 8700 farmer’s market.

Cook your own foods

Restaurant chef cooking organic naturallivingtips 1

Try to cook your own fresh foods and avoid any processed or prepared foods. Most of the restaurant chains present you with already prepared foods by heating them again. Also, it is tough to predict most of the ingredients they are using.

Even snacks like cakes and cookies can make it of your own in-home that could be in a much healthier form. Also, you can look for some favorite recipes to make your own delicious foods and sauces.

Try to make substitutions.

You may be using your long-term favorite foods and sauces from the supermarket. Most of the foods would be convenient and delicious, but they may contain harmful chemicals.

So, it’s time to make switches with more nourishing real foods.

Start your own garden.

We don’t know what is really added to fruits and vegetables. So, it is always better to grow your own organic farm.

If you don’t have ample space for a garden, you can grow small things like herbs and spices in your balcony or window. These small steps will kick-start your healthy journey.

Avoid any chemical-rich personal care products.

You may be using your favorite personal care product. But, these personal care products are usually overlooked and contribute more toxic chemicals to your home.

To make your life healthier and natural, you should double-check your skincare and beauty products and make some changes or substitute for them.

Make your own personal care products.

For a more natural lifestyle, you can create your own personal care products. You can look for ingredients and directions on making a homemade shampoo, soap, toner, and many more.

These homemade personal care products are easy to implement and simple to use.

Only buy organic and toxic-free personal products.

If you won’t prefer to make your own personal products, it is better to buy organic personal care products.

You can look for brands free from toxic chemicals and often care about nature and personal health.

Avoid harmful ingredient

Paraben free naturallivingtips 1

If you won’t get organic products, it is better to look for harmful ingredients mainly present in beauty products.

The most common ones are Parabens, Phthalates, and Triclosan. Also, look for a label like “fragrances or perfume or scent” in the products. Most of the chemicals are hidden behind these labels.

You will also find traces of asbestos and the presence of formaldehyde in most beauty products. These chemicals can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, and respiratory system. Moreover, high-level exposure can lead to cancer.

A good alternative is to use varieties of essential oil and a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil both for the body and face.

Household care or cleaning products

A significant proportion of our lives are filled with chemicals present in household care or cleaning products. We would be following all these chemical-based products religiously for a very long time.

Also, these poison or chemical-based products are not cheap. So, it is better to change it with homemade or natural household products.

Switch to DIY cleaning products

Homemade cleaning products would be cheap and free from toxins. All these DIY products use some of the most common ingredients, such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.

Besides, these DIY products are super easy to make and would save lots of time and money. However, regular use of these DIY products will keep your home not only clean and tidy but also significantly boost your health and livelihood.

Use natural freshener

diffuser naturallivingtips 1

It would help if you also focused on avoiding using any air fresheners, room sprays, and scented candles. These products not only pollute your home but also fill your lungs with toxic chemicals.

We can replace these harmful room freshener with oil diffuser along with essential oil. Also, scented candles can be replaced with beeswax candles for a more natural and scented home within a minute.

Get organic bedding

Women sleeping organic bedding naturallivingtips 1

For a natural living, you need to ditch conventional bedding that is harmful to your health and non-breathable.

You can switch to the organic mattress and replace sheets and duvets made with 100% cotton, wool, and natural latex. Besides, you can also replace fiber pillows with buckwheat pillows.

The benefits of these natural bedding items are they are durable, toxic-free, and breathable. It is also easy to maintain and free from any odor.

Personal healthcare with natural remedies

When it comes to personal healthcare, you must treat yourself first with natural remedies.

Many of us would be taking medicine religiously for minimal problems such as common cold, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, sleeping difficulty, and sickness.

These medicines are always having some long-term or short-term side effects. You can check the details of treatment and its side-effects here.

Also, we won’t recommend you stop taking medication if you are under the guidance of doctors. However, we would suggest you treat yourself naturally for some common pain and sickness.

You can take real foods, herbs, and essential oils to get rid of the common cold, flu, sore throats, and headache for natural remedies. You need to follow the guidelines and also consult your doctor if necessary.

Waste management

Waste management is also one of the essential parts of our natural living lifestyle. We should improve and take care of our environment with fewer toxins.

Moreover, planting trees, vegetables, and herbs is a big move toward a cleaner environment. But, managing waste can do much better for the environment.

Say no to plastic

Plastic Bottles NaturalLivingTips 1

Plastic has created havoc on the earth’s environment and wild animals. So, if you want to live a natural life, then say no to plastic.

You can replace plastic with wood, glass, ceramic and stainless steel.

The world is getting aware of the non-plastic movement, and as a result, many substitutes are available nowadays.

You can use glass jars for storage, wooden toys for your children, and ceramic or porcelain plates for home-usage.

Reduce your garbageCompost NaturalLivingTips 1

We can protect our environment only when we reduce the consumption of waste.

Moreover, we can replace the daily use of products with reusable products such as stainless steel or bamboo straw, stainless steel bottles, reusable bags, and cloths.

Also, a large proportion of daily waste comes from packed food and wastage of foods. So, you need to avoid packed food as well as finish everything on the table.

If you have a small garden, then you can create a compost bin with these waste products. This may reduce your garbage and also transferring the wastage to plant foods.

Recycle your own waste

You need to understand that recycling is always the last step to reduce waste. Many countries have an advanced and convenient recycling system.

But, some of the inevitable waste you can recycle of your own. You can try this advance recycle bin in your home.


Natural living is not easy; it takes time and can be overwhelming at some time. We have discussed several natural living tips that would be beneficial and contribute to your natural living journey.

So, have you started your natural living journey yet? How is your experience? What changes have you brought to your natural lifestyle? Please share your experience below!

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