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11 Effective Home Remedies for Hemorrhoid Relief

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One in 20 Americans deal with hemorrhoids sometime in their lives, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). These swollen veins around the anus cause pain. Yet, there are simple home remedies that help.

They include taking soothing baths and using natural anti-inflammatory substances. This article shares ways to ease discomfort, cut down inflammation, and support healing from hemorrhoids.

Key Takeaways

  • One in 20 Americans experience hemorrhoids at some point
  • Warm baths and sitz baths can help relieve hemorrhoid irritation
  • Witch hazel and coconut oil have natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Over-the-counter ointments can provide immediate relief and reduce swelling
  • Stool softeners and fiber supplements can aid in reducing constipation

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the anus. They can be inside or outside, which we call internal or external.

Internal and External Hemorrhoids

Internal ones are inside the rectum and often don’t hurt. But they can make you see blood in the toilet. External ones are outside the body. They can itch, hurt, or cause uncomfortable feelings.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Causes include pressure on the veins. This can be from issues like not going to the bathroom enough, diarrhea, being pregnant, or not eating well. Also, pushing too hard when you use the toilet, sitting too long, and getting older can lead to hemorrhoids.

Eating 25 to 35 grams of fiber every day is a good idea to keep the bathroom runs smooth and avoid hemorrhoids. Doing a bit of exercise that gets your heart going three times a week can also cut down on not going to the bathroom easily.

If you have symptoms that keep going or get worse, seeing a doctor is important. Sometimes, you might need medical help or even a small surgery to deal with bad or coming-back hemorrhoids.

Warm Baths for Hemorrhoid Relief

A warm bath is great for calming hemorrhoid pain. It can ease the itch and soreness, says the UK’s NHS. Epsom salt has been a go-to for problems like constipation and swelling. You can use it by putting two cups in your bath for 10 to 20 minutes, three times a day. Or mix it with vegetable glycerin as a paste and apply it every few hours.

Using a Sitz Bath

A sitz bath fits over your toilet and targets the sore area. This kind of bath can really soothe you. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes after going to the bathroom for the best results.

If you see blood in your stool or feel very sharp pain, see a doctor. This could mean you have a clot in your hemorrhoid that needs quick care within three days.

Adding Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can make bath time even better for your hemorrhoids. It’s good at reducing pain and size because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Use it in your bath or as a healing paste between baths, every four to six hours.

If you’re not feeling better after trying these at-home tricks, see a doctor. They can recommend more treatments if your pain lasts more than two weeks.

Cold Compresses to Reduce Swelling

Feeling discomfort from hemorrhoids? Try using cold compresses or ice packs on the area. They help with swelling, inflammation, and bleeding, giving a break from the pain. Ice packs on the anus also soothe and lessen the ache from this issue.

When using cold therapy, cover the ice in a soft cloth first. This keeps the skin safe. You should put the cold item on for 15 minutes, and you can do this several times a day.

Cold therapy temporarily eases the pain, yet fixing hemorrhoids for good is crucial. Things like genetics, weight, pregnancy, age, and diet can lead to hemorrhoids. Changing your lifestyle by adding exercise, a fiber-filled diet, and drinking plenty of water can stop and ease the symptoms.

If home treatments don’t work after a week, or if the discomfort is big, see a doctor. At times, medical intervention, like injections or surgery, is needed for worse cases of internal hemorrhoids.

To sum up, using cold compresses is easy and works well for hemorrhoids. But, it’s key to deal with the root causes and get proper medical help if needed.

Witch Hazel: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Witch hazel is great for helping with hemorrhoids. It’s a natural option that soothes. It can reduce swelling and itching. Plus, it helps treat external hemorrhoids comfortably. You can find witch hazel in various forms, like wipes and gels, which are easy to use.

One key benefit of witch hazel is it shrinks swollen veins. It also cools the area. You can use medicated wipes or cooling gel on external hemorrhoids. These products target symptoms but don’t prevent hemorrhoids.

Adding witch hazel to your care routine is good for relief. But, it’s best to try and prevent hemorrhoids too. Eat high-fiber foods and drink water. Also, avoid pushing hard during bowel movements. If hemorrhoids are severe, a doctor might suggest surgery.

Other natural remedies help with hemorrhoids too, like aloe vera. Sitz baths and tea tree oil are good options. Using a mix of these can ease the pain of hemorrhoids.

“Witch hazel is a versatile natural remedy that can provide soothing relief for those suffering from hemorrhoids.”

Even though home remedies can be good, talk to a doctor if symptoms don’t improve. They can give professional advice and suggest other treatments if needed.

In short, witch hazel is a strong, natural anti-inflammatory for hemorrhoids. Combine it with other remedies for better care. This way, you can handle the symptoms and work towards feeling better.

Aloe Vera Gel for Soothing Relief

Aloe vera gel is a top pick for healing hemorrhoids naturally. This plant has great anti-inflammatory powers. It helps people find comfort.

Studies on aloe vera’s direct effects on hemorrhoids are not many. But, many say it feels cool and calming on the skin. Always test a small area first in case of allergies.

Choose a pure organic aloe vera gel for best results. Apply the gel gently to the skin near your anus. Make sure your skin isn’t scraped or sore. Aloe vera’s nature provides a calm relief from hemorrhoid pain.

Aloe vera helps for a short time. But, it’s key to solve the root causes of hemorrhoids. Problems like not enough fiber, dehydration, and sitting a lot should be changed. More fiber, water, and moving around can stop hemorrhoids from coming back. If the pain continues, see a doctor for advice and care.

Soothing Wipes for Gentle Cleansing

Standard toilet paper might make hemorrhoids worse. But, hemorrhoid wipes offer a gentle way to clean. They have ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera. These can reduce swelling and soothe symptoms.

It’s best to pick wipes without chemicals or perfumes. Good wipes have lots of witch hazel. This is a natural way to fight inflammation and help ease hemorrhoids.

Follow the directions on the wipe’s package. You can use them about six times a day or after using the bathroom. Always talk to a doctor before using these wipes on children under 12. They might need a different dose or type.

Active Ingredient
Wipes per Pack
Usage Recommendation
CVS Health Hemorrhoidal Medicated Wipes
Witch Hazel 50%
Up to 6 times daily or after each bowel movement
Preparation H Soothing Hemorrhoidal Cleansing Wipes
Aloe and Witch Hazel
Up to 6 times daily or after each bowel movement
$8.95 (originally $11.95)

Keep your wipes in a place that’s not too hot or too cold. This keeps them working well. Also, many brands have a money-back promise. So, you can buy them and try with no worries.

hemorrhoid wipes

Adding wipes to daily care can soothe and keep clean the area. Pick the best wipes and use them as directed. This is a good way to handle hemorrhoid symptoms well.

Wearing Loose Cotton Clothing

The cotton clothing you pick can really help with hemorrhoid issues. Choose loose and comfy cotton clothes, especially underwear. This keeps the area clean, dry, and less itchy. Cotton undies are better than tight pants or synthetic leggings for comfort. Loose clothes let you move freely and lower pressure on your bottom. This can stop making hemorrhoids worse.

Don’t use strong-smelling detergents on your clothes. They might bother your sensitive skin around the hemorrhoid. Stay away from fragranced laundry soaps when washing clothes near the hemorrhoid area too.

Wearing comfy, airy cotton undies helps avoid infections by keeping things dry. Studies show a 15% drop in infections when people do this. But, wearing unwashed clothes could up your infection chance by 30%. That’s because they keep germs longer.

Choosing the right clothes and being clean can ease hemorrhoid troubles. But, if these simple steps don’t help in two weeks, see a doctor. They can give you more treatment options.

“Wearing breathable, cotton-based clothing can make a significant difference in managing hemorrhoid symptoms and preventing complications.”

Tea Tree Oil for Antibacterial Properties

Tea tree oil is a great natural antiseptic. It might help ease the pain, itching, and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Studies on its effects are few, but it could prevent infections on hurt or irritated skin. For the best outcome, use it with other natural fixes like witch hazel or aloe vera.

It can lower swelling and pain of hemorrhoids due to its anti-inflammatory features. Tea tree oil’s cleaning properties can lower itching and pain in hemorrhoids. It also has germ-fighting abilities that keep the area clean, stopping infections.

When you use tea tree oil, first mix it with a ‘carrier oil’ like castor or coconut oil. This mix prevents skin irritation, as tea tree oil itself can be drying. Stop using it if your skin becomes irritated or swollen.

Never eat tea tree oil because it can be harmful if swallowed. Instead, use it just on your skin for hemorrhoid care. If home treatments don’t work, or you have severe symptoms, see a doctor right away.

“Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that may help relieve the pain, itching, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.”

tea tree oil

There are other things besides tea tree oil that could help with hemorrhoids. Such as witch hazel, aloe vera, Epsom salt baths, castor oil, and to soften your stool or more fiber like isabgol. If these don’t help after two weeks, see your doctor.

Hemorrhoids can be inside or outside. The inside ones might not hurt much but can bleed more. Things like family history, weight, being pregnant, or pushing too hard when you move your bowels can cause them. Other oils like frankincense, clove, and lavender may also ease hemorrhoid symptoms.

Coconut Oil: A Multipurpose Remedy

Coconut oil is a great natural remedy for hemorrhoids. It has benefits like reducing swelling and easing pain. It also makes bowel movements smoother, which is important for treating hemorrhoids.

Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Properties

The coconut oil has lauric acid and other acids. They are good at reducing pain and stopping swelling. Putting the oil on the skin can calm the pain from hemorrhoids. It also keeps the skin around the anus healthy, helping it heal faster.

Laxative Effect

This oil is also a natural way to help with constipation. It makes stool softer, making it easier to go. This is key in stopping and treating hemorrhoids. Coconut oil reduces the need to push hard, which can make hemorrhoids worse.

You can use coconut oil in your meals or right on the skin. When you use it on the skin, gently rub it in. This helps with discomfort and aids in healing.

“Coconut oil is a natural wonder for hemorrhoids. Its powers to stop swelling and make going to the bathroom easier are a big help.”

But, always talk to a doctor about treating hemorrhoids. Using coconut oil along with other treatments can be the best way to feel better from hemorrhoids.

Over-the-Counter Ointments and Creams

Home remedies are not the only way to ease hemorrhoid symptoms. Over-the-counter (OTC) ointments and creams work fast. They can help with pain, swelling, and speed up healing. Preparation H products are especially good at this. But, be sure to check with a doctor if you’re not sure about using hydrocortisone creams long term.

These products usually have lidocaine, hydrocortisone, or witch hazel. They help stop pain, itch, and swelling. For instance, ANUSOL Plus Ointment includes zinc sulfate and pramoxine hydrochloride to ease discomfort. Also, Preparation H’s Itch Cream offers quick relief for itching on the outside.

To naturally fight hemorrhoids, try a sitz bath with Epsom salt and aloe. It will lessen swelling and help tissue heal. Using Fleet Laxative suppositories also stops your stool from being too hard. This action reduces symptoms and keeps future hemorrhoids at bay.

After giving birth, products like Motherlove’s Rhoid Balm or TUCKS pads can cool and soothe. They also reduce the urge to scratch and lower swelling.

Always read the labels on these OTC products and see a doctor if problems last or get worse. The results can differ from person to person and by the hemorrhoid’s level of severity.

OTC hemorrhoid creams and ointments

Key Ingredients
Preparation H Soothing Relief Anti Itch Cream
1% Hydrocortisone
Provides instant itch relief for external hemorrhoids
ANUSOL Plus Hemorrhoidal Ointment
Zinc Sulfate, Pramoxine Hydrochloride
Promotes healing and pain relief for external hemorrhoids
Thena Natural Wellness Organic Sitz Bath Soak
Epsom Salt, Aloe, Witch Hazel
Reduces inflammation and supports tissue repair for hemorrhoids
Fleet Laxative Glycerin Suppositories
Keeps bowel movements soft, limiting symptoms and preventing future hemorrhoids
Motherlove Postpartum Rhoid Balm
Witch Hazel, Calendula, Yarrow Herb
Provides relief and reduces itching and inflammation for postpartum hemorrhoids
TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads
Witch Hazel
Offers immediate cooling relief from pain and irritation for postpartum hemorrhoids

Although OTC creams and ointments can help in the short term, the real fix is in lifestyle changes. This means eating better, more fiber, and keeping hydrated. If they symptoms last or get worse, see a healthcare professional for advice on the right treatment.’]}

Stool Softeners for Easier Bowel Movements

Maintaining regular bowel movements is key for preventing and managing hemorrhoids. Stool softeners and fiber supplements really help with this. These products make your stools bigger and softer by pulling water into your gut. This helps ease the pressure on hemorrhoids.

Constipation often leads to hemorrhoids. Passing hard stool can hurt them even more. Things like psyllium husk powder (Metamucil) or methylcellulose (Citrucel) are great at softening your stool.

They add bulk and moisture to it, making going to the bathroom easier. Drinking more water and eating fruits, veggies, and beans also softens your stool. This is good for your gut health. Don’t forget, moving your body with regular exercise helps too.

Stool softeners are usually safe to use. But, there can be side effects like stomachaches, nausea, and throat problems. Sometimes, people may have more serious issues like rash, trouble breathing, or a lot of vomiting. Docusate, a common stool softener, is safe for moms who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you keep having trouble with hemorrhoids, talk to a doctor. They might need to give you stronger medicine or even do surgery.

Adding stool softeners and fiber to your daily life can help a lot with hemorrhoid pain. It makes going to the bathroom easier and less painful.

Stool Softener
Potential Side Effects
Psyllium Husk (Metamucil)
– Adds bulk and moisture to stool
– Reduces straining and irritation
– Stomach/intestinal cramps
– Nausea
– Throat irritation
Methylcellulose (Citrucel)
– Softens stool consistency
– Improves bowel regularity
– Mild digestive discomfort
– Potential dependency with long-term use
– Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
– Helps soften stools
– Generally well-tolerated
– Rare cases of rash, difficulty breathing, extreme vomiting

Stool softeners are just part of the puzzle in fighting hemorrhoids. It’s important to make lifestyle changes and use treatments. Serious cases need to be seen by a doctor.

“Stool softeners can ease hemorrhoid symptoms by reducing straining and preventing chronic constipation.”

Other Home Remedies for Hemorrhoid

Doing small changes at home can help a lot with hemorrhoids. It’s key to drink lots of water to keep your stool soft and have regular bowel movements. A diet rich in fiber from fruits, veggies, and grains can also make going to the bathroom easier, lowering your chance of getting hemorrhoids.

When you go to the bathroom, don’t push too hard and try not to sit for too long. Clean yourself well but gently with wet toilet paper or wipes for relief and to avoid making things worse. These easy changes can help you steer clear of hemorrhoids or keep them from getting worse.

If things don’t get better in a week, see your doctor. They might need to check and treat your hemorrhoids if they keep bothering you. Although home solutions work for some, others might need more help.

home remedies for hemorrhoids

You can also use creams or ointments with lidocaine or hydrocortisone to reduce swelling and itching. Witch hazel, which is natural, can cool and shrink hemorrhoids.

For more serious cases, ask about treatments like rubber band ligation or coagulation with light. Surgery is an option for big hemorrhoids or if nothing else works.

Remember, it’s wise to talk to a health expert to choose the best treatment for you. They can guide you on using home remedies, changing your lifestyle, or seeking medical help.


Hemorrhoids are tough to deal with, but you can get better. Use home cures like warm baths, cold packs, witch hazel, and coconut oil to feel better.

Most hemorrhoids will heal without much help. But, eating lots of fiber and drinking water makes a big difference. Remember, if home stuff doesn’t work, see a doctor for more help. They might suggest creams or surgeries for really bad cases.

Being proactive and using home tips can make things easier. With time and sticking to it, you’ll get better. Then, you can enjoy life without worry.


What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins by your anus. They cause pain, itching, and bleeding. There are two types: internal and external.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Many things can lead to hemorrhoids. These include straining during bowel movements and sitting for long. Chronic constipation or diarrhea and a lack of fiber are also causes. So is pregnancy and getting older.

How can warm baths help with hemorrhoids?

Warm baths can soothe the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Using a sitz bath or your tub is fine. Soak the area for 15-20 minutes after going to the bathroom. Adding Epsom salt may help with pain and swelling.

How can cold compresses or ice packs help with hemorrhoids?

Cold packs or ice can lessen swelling and pain. Always use a cloth between the ice and your skin. Doing this for 15 minutes at a time can help you feel better.

How can witch hazel help with hemorrhoids?

Witch hazel is a natural way to reduce itching and pain in external hemorrhoids. You can apply it directly with a cotton ball. It’s found in products like wipes and soaps too. Witch hazel helps shrink veins and soothe you.

How can aloe vera gel help with hemorrhoids?

Aloe vera gel may help because it’s anti-inflammatory. While its effect on hemorrhoids is not fully known, it gives a cool, soothing feeling. But, some people could be allergic to it.

How can moistened wipes help with hemorrhoids?

Moistened wipes are better than dry toilet paper for cleaning after you poop. They can prevent more pain. Look for wipes with witch hazel or aloe vera, and avoid alcohol or perfumes.

How can wearing loose, breathable cotton clothing help with hemorrhoids?

Loose, cotton clothes, especially underwear, keep the area clean and dry. This reduces irritation and infection risks. Don’t use scented detergents; they can make hemorrhoids worse.

How can tea tree oil help with hemorrhoids?

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic with possible benefits for hemorrhoids. Its antibacterial effects can help prevent infections. For best results, use it with other remedies like witch hazel or aloe vera.

How can coconut oil help with hemorrhoids?

Coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving nature is good for hemorrhoids. It can reduce swelling and soften stool so bowel movements are easier. You can eat it or put it on the area.

How can over-the-counter ointments and creams help with hemorrhoids?

OTC creams like Preparation H can quickly ease your symptoms. They reduce swelling and pain and help heal you faster. But be careful with creams that have hydrocortisone without a doctor’s advice.

How can stool softeners and fiber supplements help with hemorrhoids?

Stool softeners and fiber supplements make bowel movements smoother. This is key for managing hemorrhoids. Products like psyllium husk (Metamucil) add moisture, making it less painful to go.

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