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5 Best Alopecia Areata Natural Treatment Options That Work

Alopecia areata, which is also called spot baldness, is a condition involving excessive hair loss from some parts of the scalp area. This is a condition that is common among both men and women.

More than 30% of people suffer from this condition by the time they reach 30 years of age.

More than 50% of people experience excessive hair loss at the age of 50. Sometimes hair loss is considered one of the most common symptoms of aging.

According to research, Alopecia areata affecting nearly about 2% of the general population at some point during their lifetime.

However, excessive hair loss should not be associated with aging, and special treatment should be administered for the condition.

It is best to try Alopecia Areata Natural Treatment rather than going for medical treatment. This is because natural remedies for this condition fetch good results.

Alopecia Areata Natural Treatment Options

Here are some of the best natural treatments for Alopecia Areata, which have shown effectiveness in treating.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil naturallivingtips 5

It has been proved through studies that lavender can be beneficial in treating alopecia areata.

It should be rubbed on the scalp during the initial phase of baldness.

When used as a natural treatment for Alopecia Areata, Lavender helps in slowing and even reversing the effects of excessive hair loss.

You can get here pure essential lavender oil.

Vitamin C And Kelp Rich Diet


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A vitamin C and kelp rich diet are considered one of the most effective and healthiest methods of reducing the adverse effects of excessive hair loss or alopecia areata.

Vitamin C can easily be found in green and leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.

Kelp, on the other hand, is full of essential vitamins and minerals that can help in stimulating the protection and growth of hair.

You can also take Kelp supplements extracted from natural sources and vitamin C supplements for better results.

Onion Juice

Onion naturallivingtips 2

Onion juice, when applied directly on the scalp, can work wonders in treating alopecia areata.

It is quite rich in sulfur, which helps in stimulating new growth and circulation.

Coconut Milk

coconut milk NaturaLivingTips

Coconut milk can be mixed in gram flour and then applied in the scalp area.

This remedy serves as a guarantee to give instant relief from excessive hair loss.

The paste helps in stimulating the follicles of hair and in boosting the overall health of the scalp.


fenugreek naturallivingtips

Fenugreek has hormone-stimulating elements that can help rebuild the hair follicles damaged or destroyed due to alopecia areata.

You can make fenugreek paste and apply it to your scalp. Moreover, you can also use fenugreek seeds water to stimulates the hair follicles in the scalp while improving blood circulation.

The Bottom Line

You got an idea which natural treatment for alopecia areata is effective in early-stage and in controlling the hair falls.

Moreover, some natural treatments may take some time to show some results and differ depending on the person.

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